Watercolours to the fore in time for summer


Large, striking and colourful watercolour paintings of garden flowers by Richard Bolton feature in a new exhibition at the McAtamney Gallery, Geraldine.

Opening to coincide with the Geraldine Festival, “A Brush with Spring” will show 10 paintings of rhododendrons, poppies and peonies. The paintings are loose and fluid, showing the gorgeous colours of the flowers against their foliage.

“Flowers are a new direction for me and I’m really pleased with the results,” says Richard.

“It’s nice to paint something different and there’s always a bit of a risk, but I think these have turned out very well.”

Watercolour has been Richard’s preferred medium since a young age. His passion has led to great success, with many awards and commissions coming his way.

Richard has also written books on watercolour painting that are sold around the world. The books led to official invitations to paint in China, Tibet, Taiwan and Israel. He had the unique experience of travelling through Tibet and China at a time when there were usually severe restrictions on visitors.

Now living in Geraldine, Richard and his Kiwi wife Margaret frequently travel to Europe and he paints there whenever he can. He is now well-known here for his highly skilful works, especially New Zealand landscapes.

Carolyn McAtamney, of the McAtamney Gallery, says Richard is a master of watercolour.

“In this new exhibition he has combined a realistic depiction of the flowers with a more impressionist style in the background. His expertise and craftmanship is phenomenal.”

“Richard has exhibited at the McAtamney Gallery for some years but this is his first solo exhibition. We are very excited to show his wonderful paintings.”

The inspiration for the garden paintings came from Richard’s sister-in-law’s rhododendron nursery at Woodbury. The public is invited to meet Richard at the exhibition opening at the McAtamney Gallery at 7pm on 13 November.

The exhibition will run from 14 November until 24 December.bridgemediaNike