WI members have quilting covered


By Toni Williams

Members of the Mid Canterbury Federation of Women’s Institutes (WI) took to the sewing machines last week to begin their latest project – bed quilts for a cause.

Five single-sized bed quilts are being patchworked together from donated material for the St John Ashburton’s new bedrooms.

The completed quilts, beautifully crafted, are a mix of multiple colours, shapes and designs.

Sewing businesses Timaru Sewing Centre, Material Time Ashburton and Spotlight Christchurch, along with WI members, have donated quality material, or batting (to fill the quilts).

Mid Canterbury Federation of Women’s Institutes president Mavis Wilkins said members were looking for a project and approached St John Ashburton, where they meet regularly, to find out if they needed assistance.

The organisation’s recent renovations included revamped bedroom quarters for ambulance crew members, so the existing bedding was in need of attention.

The WI members, armed with metres of material, designed, cut, ironed, pinned and sewed material patchwork quilts during a four hour workshop at St John.

The ladies also joked there was some “reverse sewing” done as well. It was likely to be the first of two workshops to complete the project.

They also took the time to “teach a skill” of ironing to the grandson of one of the members.Asics footwear