Women take hold in self defence


Local women were hands-on at an informative self defence workshop in Ashburton last week.
A full complement of 12 women signed up for the workshop which was facilitated through the Families Without Violence Network.
Families Without Violence co-ordinator Anna Arrowsmith said the aim of the workshop was to empower women with both knowledge and reassurance, and also to increase their confidence.
The goal of selfdefence was to prevent injury to yourself and to have a strong mindset that you were able to defend yourself if necessary, she said.
The self-defence training was split into two separate workshops, both two hours long.
The first session covered mindset, mental ability, education around predators and being street safe, while the second focused on defence skills like holds and self-protection.
Taking the women through the theory and practical sides of self defence was instructor Dean Talbot of Talbot Security who also runs STJ Combat.
Mr Talbot demonstrated techniques to defend against attackers including bridging and rolling out.
He showed grabbing and latching moves and encouraged the women to target sensitive areas.
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