Workers’ hair disappears at a fast clip



A head shave fundraiser by two Carrfields staff members in Ashburton has raised over $10,000 for New Zealand Breast Cancer Foundation.

Carrfields executive assistant Sheryn Hales and group manager for people and safety Jolene Lewis bravely lost their hair on Friday to support the work of the foundation.

Both were well backed by their employer and fellow workers, who all chipped in generously.

Around 60 staff members packed into the smoko room at the Riverside Industrial Estate head office of Carrfields for the shave.

Small pony tails of hair were taken from both ladies and auctioned to boost the grand total.

Three other staff members were also sponsored for a back wax, chest wax and lower leg shave.

Carrfields has participated in recent Pink Ribbon morning teas in Ashburton and other areas in its support for the New Zealand Breast Cancer Foundation.Adidas footwearツーブロック × アシメ 【最新メンズヘアカタログ】 , メンズファッションメディア