Wrecker Ross parts with business of 35 years


Ross Butterick is car mad.

And mad on fishing.

Fishing has won.

Mr Butterick, 65, has sold his giant Ashburton car parts business, Rosco Auto Dismantlers, to Ben Fahey and Andrew and Dave Hunt, and finished up, as boss, on Tuesday.

But he hopes to stay on in a part-time capacity as long as he is needed.

Mr Butterick, a mechanic, started his business 35 years ago in John Street, Ashburton, but shifted to the present site in the Ashburton Business Park off Riverside Drive, 16 years ago.

“It’s all I’ve ever done. I’m a mechanic by trade.”

He said he saw an opening to supply car parts and set up – and had not regretted it.

“I’d do it all again.”

The site carries around 800 cars, but Mr Butterick reckon his staff know more about cars and parts than he does.

And it was a condition of sale that the 11 staff stay on.

“Nothing changes there. I wouldn’t have sold otherwise,” he said.

Mr Butterick also has a long involvement in industry organisations and is still on the board of Super Mega Parts.

He will continue his long involvement, too, with the Ashburton institution, Wheels Week.

He is no longer president of the committee, but will stay on the committee.

He reckons Wheels Week has a great future.

Mr Butterick also thanks his wife Gail for her support.

She is also a fishing companion, and the two – if Mr Butterick can get “time off work” will be lake fishing.

Mr Butterick will also continue his involvement with speedway.

He doesn’t race, but his son does, and he will be backing him.latest Running30 Winter Outfit Ideas to Kill It in 2020 – Fashion Inspiration and Discovery