Yoga, tai chi held in unique setting


By Mick Jensen

Local yoga and tai chi practitioners are enjoying the unique setting of the Ashburton Art Gallery for classes over the next three weeks.

The gallery’s time-lapse artwork Transpiration by Steve Carr is the soothing backdrop for classes hosted by yoga teacher Annie Hall and tai chi teacher Christine Widdowson.

Yoga classes run for an hour from noon on Tuesdays and from 5.30pm on Thursdays, while tai chi is practised on Wednesdays from 10.30am.

Annie Hunt, who teaches anusara yoga, said the gallery space lent itself to relaxation and meditation.

The exhibition was both tranquil and peaceful, she said.

Ashburton Art Gallery exhibitions assistant Nicole Bourke said the digital film work was a good fit for both disciplines and better than a conventional art exhibition.

The public was welcome to join classes or to simply view the exhibition while classes were on.

“Opening the space up to these groups is offering a new way to experience art that is not normally available.

“Artist Steve Carr spoke about his Transpiration exhibition as flowers inhaling and exhaling colour, which has resonance with techniques used in both yoga and tai chi.”

Transpiration and other works by Steve Carr runs until June 24.latest RunningNIKE AIR HUARACHE