Old stock paddock growing the grain

John Stewart and John Hall inspect the crop on the outskirts of Tinwald. Photo: Struan Christie

It was a paddock that had been worked for decades, and now it is paying dividends for Mid Canterbury machinery fans.

A crop of winter barley has been harvested from what was the 8ha holding paddock of the old Tinwald saleyards.

That land is now owned by Greg Donaldson, and he has allowed the Mid Canterbury Vintage Machinery Club to use it for crop.

This is the second crop, and yielded around 6.5 tonne per hectare, nearly double the first crop.

The club hopes to use it again next year.

Club spokesman John Hall said Greg Carr Contracting harvested the crop at no cost, boosting funds for the club, which is in the throes of finishing new clubrooms on the northern side of the Ashburton A&P Association grounds.

Mr Hall said the moisture content in this choppy season got down to 14.4 – and the header swung into action on Thursday night.

“It’s a good crop, we are very pleased,” Mr Hall said.

The saleyards closed in December 2016 after 138 years.Running sneakersArchives des Sneakers