Brown hits target at unit

Ashburton Cadet Unit cadet William Brown, left, is given his basic proficiency shooting badge by Ashburton District mayor Neil Brown.

Ashburton army cadet William Brown was presented his basic proficiency shooting badge last week by Ashburton District mayor Neil Brown.

Mr Brown, no relation to Cadet Brown, was at the Ashburton Cadet Unit training evening to inspect the unit, make the presentation and have a general catch up with unit leaders, including cadet unit leader major Cezarne Rodgers.

New Zealand Cadet Forces South Island area advisor staff sergent Carl Ahradsen was also present for his first visit to the district since covid restrictions last year.

Major Rodgers said Cadet Brown had qualified for his badge after getting more than 60 percent target accuracy in two individual shoots; one late last year and another earlier this year.

Three more cadets were also due to receive their badges in the coming weeks, she said.

The New Zealand Cadet Force is made up of three cadet corps; army, air and navy.

The army cadets are aligned with the New Zealand Army, with similar uniforms, rank structure and training, as well as customs and traditions.

It was one of the reasons Cadet Brown joined the cadet unit three years ago. He is interested in a career in the army when he leaves high school.

Among the training and outdoor adventures, cadets learn firearms safety and marksmanship training with .22 calibre smallbore target rifles.

The training also helps further develop self-discipline, confidence and teamwork beneficial for cadet shooting competitions.

Cadets are awarded skills badges in rifle proficiency, first class shooting and marksmanship as their shooting skills develop.