Six-year-old Angus Laing checks out the chorus cabinet artwork. 

The latest artwork has been completed on a Chorus cabinet in Ashburton and this time it features a young fisherman with his first ever catch.

The artwork called First Fish is on a cabinet at the northern end of Melcombe Street and catches the eye as you go under the Tinwald viaduct.

It has been painted by local artist Charlotte Riley and features her son Angus, who was four-years-old when he landed his first fish.

he fish, a rainbow trout, was caught in the Rangitata River in May 2020 and was straight away released by the young angler.

Angus still remembered that first catch and was happy with his mum’s effort in immortalising it, Charlotte said .

Interestingly her son has a double jointed thumb, which in the photo she worked from for the artwork was quite pronounced.

“I’ve toned down the thumb a bit on the cabinet, but I still think it nicely captures a happy boy with his first fish.”

Charlotte said there had been positive encouragement from the public during the painting process.

“Locals tooted and gave me the thumbs up and it was really fun and uplifting to feel the appreciation.

“One guy stopped on his push bike and said as far as he’s concerned it was his grandson with the big, open smile – to an artist that is all that matters.”

-By Mick Jensen