Hefty haul of breadtags to send

Nicci Glanville with breadtags to colour sort for Bread Tags for Wheelchairs NZ fundraising efforts.

Eco warrior Nicci Glanville, of Ashburton, is sending 25 boxes of breadtags weighing an impressive 550kg north this week as part of a global effort to raise money for wheelchairs in South Africa.

Mrs Glanville is the South Island collection point for Bread Tags for Wheelchairs NZ, part of a global recycling and fundraising effort set up in 2019.

It’s a big cause for a small piece of plastic which commonly ends up in landfill or thrown into the bottom of kitchen drawers.

In the past two and a half years school communities, scouting groups, organisations and businesses have across the country have got behind the collection of the bread tags to raise money for the wheelchairs, Mrs Glanville said.

However of late, due to covid, the fundraising efforts had changed and instead of sending the plastic tags directly offshore, the national organiser sourced local companies to buy or make products with them, she said.

They have included jewellery, kitchenware and artworks.

Money raised was then used to buy wheelchairs in South Africa. Seven wheelchairs had been funded so far from New Zealand.

The breadtags made of high-impact polystyrene, had a good recycling value in South Africa with 200kg – or 200 bread bags full of tags – able to buy one wheelchair.

There are drop-off points around the South Island listed on the national Bread Tags for Wheelchairs NZ Facebook page, and also links to some of the products available for the fundraiser.

In Mid Canterbury people can drop bread tags, ideally colour separated, at the Ashburton Courier office.