Historic draw in slow pitch final

Slowpitch finals action at the Hampstead Softball Club grounds.

The final of the Hampstead Softball slow pitch series ended in an historic draw last week when top seeded teams S & Giggles, and Marines and Angels met on diamond one at the club grounds.

The game, supported by a few loyal fans sideline, saw both teams display moments of brilliance in Friday night’s match with impressive catching and swift play which could have seen either team take the win.

Both teams have dominated the later part of the series.

The final score was 23-all.

Final results: Marines & Angels 23-23 S & Giggles, 3rd & 4th placing: Laser Attack 28-11 Hakatere Hitters, 5th & 6th placing: Hawkies Hawks 24-24 Sons Of Pitches.