Kids maze venture set to challenge

Ashburton Maize Maze kids back row left, Scarlett Hanrahan, Fergus Hanrahan, front row NellMarie and Freddie Hanrahan, with Cola the pooch.

If you feel lost and confused on a daily basis perhaps the Maize Maze just north of Ashburton will be right up your alley.

The maze is run by 15-year-old Scarlett Hanrahan with help from her younger brothers Fergus and Freddie, neighbour NellMarie and pooch Cola.

The maze was originally opened around eight years ago as a fundraiser for Scarlett’s former primary school, Ashburton Borough School.


Dad, and farm owner, Randal Hanrahan said it is now a way for Scarlett to learn about running a business.

“Basically she is running it as a business. We set her up with the stock, she had to pay the money back for the icecreams and drinks and she’s had to pay her brothers for any work they have done in the maze cleaning it out, and paying herself a wage. At the end there will be a profit,” he said.

Growing up on the farm the Hanrahan kids would play among the maize.

“We used to get lost, we used to follow our animals through it and get lost when we were younger,” Scarlett said.

She said her father designs a new maze on his computer each year.

“Dad does it on his laptop, a new one every time, then he marks it out when the maize is little, so the paths can be cut out.”

The kids then help clear out all the cut maize in the paths.

There has been no need to launch any rescue missions yet, as most people find their way out in good time.

People who are nervous about never getting out don’t need to fear.

“Even if you don’t come out the exit, a lot (of people) come out the entry, so you’re always going to get out,” Scarlett said.

The maze will be open on weekends from now until Easter.

For more information visit the Ashburton Maize Maze Facebook page.

~ By Daniel Tobin