With the donated knee rugs are Ashburton Creative Fibre members (from left) Fenn Leadley, Ann Sunbeam, May Greenslade and Sharon Robinson from the Cancer Society.

Dozens of knee rugs, crocheted and knitted by the skilful hands of members of Ashburton Creative Fibre, have been donated to the Mid Canterbury Cancer Society.

The rugs come in a range of different sizes, a multitude of colours and no two are the same.

They have been made using both wool and acrylic.

Fifty-nine unique knee rugs were handed over last week and more are set to follow.

Ashburton Creative Fibre member May Greenslade said the group collectively had a large stack of surplus wool and they had decided to put it to good use.

Individuals too, had plenty of spare product to work with, she said.

The Cancer Society supported people around the country and the donated knee rugs were a small gesture from Creative Fibre to help others.

“People often feel the cold when they are sick, so a knee rug can be a comfort,” she said.

A dozen or so creative fibre members supported the knee blanket project and spun, dyed and put their yarn crafting skills to good use over the last month.

Ten knee rugs were donated in March to be passed on to cancer sufferers.

Mid Canterbury Cancer Society administrator Sharon Robinson said the knee rugs had been gratefully received.

Those already given the colourful and useful blankets had been overwhelmed by the act of kindness, she said.

Ashburton Creative Fibre has over 50 members and was formerly known as Ashburton Spinners and Weavers.

Members meet for fellowship and shared interests on the third Monday of the month at the Plains Museum complex in Tinwald (9.30am until 1.30pm) and prospective new members are welcome.

-By Mick Jensen