Mates find way to save gym

Fit 4 Life business partner David Ward (left) and gym manager Angus McKenzie.

Three friends have teamed up to save a local gym.

Fit 4 Life in the mall at the Allenton shopping complex was set to close for good after owner Frank Connolly suffered a health issue and covid restrictions hit the business.

Retired farmer David Ward said he and two other gym members got together and bought the gym off Frank to keep it going.

“Three of us said right we’ll make this work and we formed a company, the aims and goals is to be community based, we want to grow it.”

Angus McKenzie has taken over the position as manager of the gym.

“I had a look at the Fit 4 Life gym and got a really good vibe, that family feeling, everyone was having a good laugh and talking a lot more than a bigger gym,” he said.

As well as the usual fitness equipment, the gym offers a variety of fitness programmes for people of all ages.

Angus said a lot of members were upset the gym was going to close.

“It’s like a safe haven for people, compared to a lot of gyms that have a large in your face atmosphere, for them this is a place they can go and feel comfortable.

“Your everyday person can come who is not too serious about the gym but still wants to exercise and be healthy.”

Angus said it was important to continue Frank’s legacy, “because of the impact he has had on the community, we want to keep that atmosphere he has helped to create.”

David agreed adding “we want to create a community gym, invest in the gym and invest in people for the community.

“The one thing members say they like about Fit 4 Life is the atmosphere, it’s the one thing they love and the one thing they don’t want to lose.”

The gym is offering a seven day trial for new members and will hold an open day on May 28, where there will be classes running and staff to welcome the public.