Pilot Lachlan spreads wings

Lachlan Kingan at Ashburton Airfield ahead of the two hour solo flight he took on Tuesday.

Lachlan Kingan is on the next leg of his flying journey and is off to flight school in Nelson in February.
He’s just completed his schooling at Ashburton College and will continue his dream of becoming a commercial airline pilot.
That dream started as a young boy and began in earnest when he went on his first trial flight as an 11-year-old.
At 16, Lachlan took his first solo flight and at the same age obtained his microlight licence, which enables him to fly with one passenger.
So far he has clocked up around 130 flying hours in a microlight and GA aircraft, much of it solo.
Over the last few years a part-time job at Rural Transport has helped fund his flying lessons.
Lachlan said he enjoyed taking friends and family out in the microlight.
Two years ago he took his then 100-year-old great grandmother Jean out for a spin in a snug four-seater Piper Archer, which she had absolutely loved, despite the turbulence.
Lachlan said he had been accepted to flight school in October and was looking forward to the adventure ahead.
He planned to live on site at Motueka for the first six months, where he would do much of his training, and then planned to flat.
His aim was to complete the commercial pilot’s course by October and then to work his way up the flying ladder.
‘‘The aim is to tick off my instrument rating, which includes a night rating, and then just to keep going.’’
Over the next two to two-and-a-half years his radar was set on obtaining diplomas in general aviation, airline preparation and flight instruments.
Motueka airfield is similar to the one in Ashburton, and has no controlled space, but has tarmac.
Lachlan will be just 30 minutes flying time to Wellington, and his training will likely take him as far north as Mt Taranaki and south to Milford Sound.
‘‘I’m looking forward to all the hard work and training paying off and getting paid to fly for a living,’’ he said.
His first paid job could well be as a instructor, but his dream remained to fly big planes as a commercial airline pilot.
Joining Lachlan on the commercial flying course at Nelson Aviation College next year will be fellow Ashburton College student Ethan Walsh.

-By Mick Jensen

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