Rallying to get Chloe treatment

Chloe Peck, 11, is losing body function and needs funding to get medical help in Australia.

Eleven year old Chloe Peck was a bubbly, happy girl until it all changed after a fall at school early last year.

Chloe has endured months of pain since then, diagnosed as Chronic pain syndrome, and lost feeling in both legs.

Now wheelchair bound, family and friends are rallying to get her treatment for Functional Neurological Disorder only available in Sydney, Australia.

Parents, Alanna and Russell, have re mortgaged their home to help pay for its alterations for Chloe’s physical needs as well as to fund private therapy and support, but it will not be enough.

Family friend Stacey McEvedy has set up a Givealittle page called get Chloe moving” to help raise money to get Chloe specialist medical rehabilitation.

She says Chloe was a typical Kiwi kid who enjoyed tramping with granddad, athletics and Girl Guides.

She was starting Year 7 at Ashburton Borough School last year when she had a fall and suffered immense pain for weeks followed by a diagnosis of a Chronic pain syndrome.

During Easter that year she lost all feeling in both legs and became wheelchair dependent. This was followed by a diagnosis of a Functional Neurological Disorder.

“Over the past 12 months Chloe has spent time in Christchurch (Hospital), Starship Hospital and Wilson Rehab Centre,” Stacey says.

“Chloe is losing more function within her body with the numbness now at her lower back.

“We are desperate to try and stop this getting worse and get our bubbly happy girl back.”

Alanna and Russell have readily paid for support and anything Chloe needs just to get through the day.

“Unfortunately they have exhausted all current options in New Zealand for Chloe’s condition.

“The next option is to head to Sydney to a rehab centre equipped for functional neurological conditions. We are hopeful that this centre will get our girl moving again.”

Stacey said the Pecks were “sincerely grateful for the networks around them, plus Chloe’s medical team, and feel really uncomfortable asking for financial help, however they need our help to help their girl before it’s too late.”

The goal is to help Chloe be pain free and moving.