Thrifty tips make food go further

BASE co-ordinator Jenny Rae with a hard copy of the Thrifty Cooking booklet.

BASE Youth Centre and the SEEDS(sharing everyday experiences and drawing on skills) programme have collaborated on a booklet called Thrifty Cooking.

The idea for the booklet was developed during lockdown and it offers a back to basics and budget conscience approach to meal planning.

Lockdown was a difficult time and finances were tight for some people, said BASE co-ordinator Jenny Rae.

The booklet offered advice on planning menus, including compiling shopping lists and sticking to the list when shopping, and encouragement to use seasonal produce.

There were recipes for cooking slowly with cheaper cuts of meat including delicious meals like beef stroganoff and beef curry .

Mince was another versatile and relatively cheap product, she said.

Other recipes in the booklet include home-made burgers, pasta dishes, mac and cheese and sushi.

There are ideas for baking, home-made baby food, snacks and even a playdough recipe featured.

The booklet had been produced in electronic form, although there are some printed hard copies, and has been made possible through funding from the Community Awareness and Preparedness Grant fund.

It can be downloaded from the both the BASE ( and SEEDS ( websites.Sportswear Designスニーカーの検索一覧【新着順】