Creative ceramics on show

Hakatere Ceramics president Mick Hydes with some of he works at the exhibition.

Colourful clay and ceramic works of all shapes and sizes are on show this week at the Hakatere Ceramics and Pottery clubs annual exhibition.

The exhibition showcases 178 pieces ranging from practical coffee mugs to detailed artworks that can be purchased by the public.

Club president Mick Hydes said this is the sixth annual exhibition held by the club which has a membership of around 55 people.

Pottery and ceramics has had a resurgence of interest recently with people keen to learn the craft.

The club runs a five week course for new potters.

“We have a large list of people who are keen to take lessons, and we do have quite a few novices in the exhibition this year.”

All the works in the exhibit have been completed in the last year.

The clubs studio is equipped with two good sized kilns and basic glazes.

“When you get into it in your own style you buy or make your own glazes that you like.”

The club has a stockpile of clay and members can buy a bag as they need it,” Mr Hydes said.

The club welcomes anyone who is keen to have ago at creating a pottery piece.

“We’ve got a member in her 90’s and the youngest is 23 years old, all producing quality work.”

The exhibition is at the Masonic Centre, 111 Havelock Street until November 14.

By Daniel Tobin