Charline to share passion

Charline Dupanloup of Methven will open a new gym in the ski and farming town next month. She is pictured competing at the Masters League Games in Rotorua last year. Photo supplied.
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Charline Dupanloup of Methven is looking forward to sweating it out alongside fellow residents as she prepares to open a new gym.

On April 6, the 37-year-old will unveil X-M CrossFit at 30 Forest Drive, with an open day, turning Methven into a two-gym town.

X-M CrossFit will be based in the same building which used to house the town’s former Mountain Gym, which closed its doors some years ago. The town’s existing gym, Garage Gym, is also on Forest Drive, across the road in a former garage building.

The open day from 9.30am will include cutting the grand ribbon, alongside a raffle, challenges, prizes to be won, a photobooth, barbecue and of course a chance to workout.

Winning silver at the Masters League Games in Rotorua in 2023 and boasting level 4 qualifications in health and fitness and CrossFitter level 1, Dupanloup has been an avid gym goer for many years. Originally from France, she has lived in Methven for about seven years.

She said she got into CrossFit about four years ago and never looked back.

“For years I went to the gym and never made any contact with another person, everyone just gets on with their own thing,’’ she said.

‘‘CrossFit is different as everyone is all in it together. I am so happy to be able to share my passion with the wider community.’’

She said CrossFit emphasised functional movement and exercises designed to improve daily movements during certain activities. For example, squats can mimic the movements of getting off a chair. Classes at the gym would offer a combination of weightlifting, cardio, strength and gymnastics.

Dupanloup said lots of work has gone into sprucing up the building, including interior refurbishments and roof maintenance. It was now raring to go. She had been thrilled to receive a lot of public interest.