Increased density for new Kāinga Ora homes

ON THE MOVE: The Kāinga Ora family-sized home at 7 Tucker St, Allenton ready for transporting last month. This section and that of the neighbouring property have been cleared to make way for a six- home development.
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Increased demand for public housing will see Kāinga Ora Homes and Communities make way for more than 90 new homes in Ashburton.

Community drop-in sessions, detailing Kāinga Ora’s plans for the town, are still to be confirmed for next month but latest work includes the redevelopment of two neighbouring Kāinga Ora properties on Tucker St in Allenton. Work started late last month, with the removal of one family-sized home, and the demolition of another.

The large site will house six new homes; three two-bedroom homes, two three-bedroom homes and one four-bedroom home. Construction is expected to be completed around August.

Kāinga Ora regional director Canterbury Liz Krause said to help meet demand, the department was looking to increase the number of public homes in Ashburton over the next few years.

‘‘We are doing this in a number of ways, including removing some of our older houses on large sections, and replacing them with new warm and dry homes as part of our redevelopment programme.

‘‘We are also purchasing new homes from developers as they are completed. At this stage, we anticipate this will enable us to provide more than 90 homes over the next few years for people in need in Ashburton.

‘‘This is an estimate, and could change as we make progress,’’ she said.

Krause said plans for these homes were at various stages. Some had been completed or were under construction, while others were in the design stages.

UNDER WAY: Demolition of Kāinga Ora home at 84 Creek Rd is under way and will make way for three one-bedroom homes.

Kāinga Ora had completed the building of three new homes in Orr St in Netherby in June 2023, with two one-bedroom homes and one two-bedroom home built.

She said many of the planned new homes will be one or two bedrooms to help meet the growing demand for these, but there were also plans to build some three, four and five bedroom homes.

‘‘We are also looking at ways to significantly improve some of our older homes in the town. We have completed, or have plans to complete, significant upgrade and improvement work on more than 100 homes in Ashburton, as part of the Kāinga Ora retrofit programme in the coming years.’’ she said.

Retrofit work ensured properties were warmer, drier, healthier and more energy efficient.

‘‘Work was completed on the first home to undergo retrofit work in Ashburton in May 2021. Since then, renovations are under way, or have been completed, on more than 50 homes in Ashburton.

‘‘It can include new kitchens and bathrooms; new double glazed windows; new carpet and floor coverings; improved airtightness and insulation; ventilation upgrades; new internal painting, and new heating.

‘‘It may also include roof replacements, new driveways, replacement doors and converting homes to a more open-plan living layout.’’

Proposed housing in Allenton:

7 and 9 Tucker St: Six homes (three 2-bedroom, two 3-bedroom and one 4-bedroom)

14 and 16 Galbraith St: Six homes (six 1-bedroom)

20 Galbraith St: Three homes (three 1-bedroom)

36 and 38 Galbraith St: Five homes (five 1-bedroom)

84 Creek Rd: Three homes (three 1-bedroom).