Mountains to rivers exhibit at Methven

MOUNTAINS TO RIVERS: Karen Smith is holding her first art gallery exhibition in 10 years.
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Methven artist Karen Smith is presenting her first art gallery exhibition in 10 years, The Mountains to Rivers Exhibition at the Mt Hutt Memorial in Methven.

Smith made the move from Australia to New Zealand some 32 years ago. In 2021 she became a full citizen. She had married a kiwi the year she arrived, and fell in love with the South Island’s beautiful scenery at the same time.

Art has always been a huge part of Smith’s life, it became a passion from a young age at school when she took a water colour class.

Her biggest inspiration in the world of art is the late-Tim Wilson, who was the wealthiest artist in New Zealand and was the owner of Wilson Gallery in Queenstown.

Smith was fortunate to take an oil paint class with Wilson during summer school and from that experience she was on her way. To find a source for her own inspiration, all Smith has to do is step outside to gaze at the beautiful mountain landscaped scenery this district has to offer.

Smith has put together a collection of her work with the majority being oil paintings of dark stormy skies and snowy mountaintops.

There are also some pieces produced with the use of resin, which is a little different and something Smith has more recently got into.

The gallery also includes the work of a guest artist, Mount Hutt College student Harriet Brown, who is only 15-years-old. Smith came across her talents when helping out with a Mount Hutt College mural.

She didn’t have to guide her at all and left her to the main project and was really blown away by her natural talent.

All the work in the gallery is available for purchase with prices listed.

Smith said she would love to paint more but running her shop in Methven, Smith Gallery, has kept her so busy in recent times, especially with so many out of towners visiting the store.

The art exhibition is a nice way to remind everyone she is still around and still enjoys her work.

“I feel like I’ve been away from it for a while, and it’s good to be back and having my work hung up for all to see,’’ she said.

“Putting a collection together and adding some new art to the mix is a great pleasure.’’

* The Mountains to Rivers Exhibition is at the Mt Hutt Memorial in Methven until October 1.