Nature theme for Bridge St

COLOURFUL: Amelia Niemand completes her New Zealand is Awesome artwork.
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Amelia Niemand of Ashburton is enjoying brightening up her town.

The 14-year-old is adding finishing touches to a mural she is painting on to a telecommunications cabinet on Bridge St, Netherby, as part of Chorus’s Cabinet Art Programme.

The nature-themed mural features a sign New Zealand is Awesome, surrounded by trees, a beehive, and the birds of a pukeko, kea, fantail, kiwi and tui.

Amelia said the design was inspired by her love of nature.

‘‘There’s so much nature in New Zealand,’’ Amelia said.

She was pleased to see the colourful mural already brightening up the street, alongside the many other murals in Mid Canterbury painted as part of the programme.

‘‘It makes Ashburton beautiful,’’ Amelia said.

She had been assisted on-site by a friend, and her mum Jana.

‘‘I’m good at following instructions,’’ Jana said.

Amelia said she not only enjoyed the creative pursuits of painting and sketching, but also decorating cakes. Her career goal was to be a pastry chef.

Chorus began its cabinet art initiative in 2010, and today completes about 170 murals per year nationwide. Artists are paid from $600 to $1700 for their painting, depending on the size of the cabinet. In Mid Canterbury, Chorus partners with the district council to deliver the programme. There are 25 completed cabinets in the district, while four more are currently being worked on.

Submissions are made via Chorus’s website. Submissions are not currently open, they will open later in the year,which is usually around June or July.