New $30 shuttle and priority days

POWDER DAY: Sunny days with fresh snow attract an early morning rush of cars as skiers try to get to the base car park before it fills up. PHOTO FILE
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Mt Hutt is introducing Car Pool Priority Days this coming winter. The new initiative is being introduced to stop the early morning rush of cars as skiers try to make it to the base car park before it fills up.

The ski area is also launching a subsidised shuttle service from Christchurch and Rolleston, costing skiers just $30 return, leaving 7am and 7.30am respectively.

Snowmaking will begin soon on the mountain, set to open on June 14.

The skifield will signal a priority day 48 hours in advance on its website.

On these days, the access road will open at 6.30am. Cars will be stopped at temporary inspection lanes at the information booth. Full vehicles will have priority stickers applied. Two-door cars will be considered full with two or more occupants, four-door cars with four or more.

Vehicles without priority stickers arriving at the lower carparks of Rakaia Saddle and Zed Creek will park there, then occupants will catch a shuttle bus to the base car park. Cars with priority stickers will be allowed to proceed up to the base car park.

‘‘You may choose to park at the information booth car park, arrange to fill your car there (rideshare) and then circle back into our inspection lanes to receive a priority sticker before heading up the access road,’’ the ski area said in information it has released about the priority days.

The ski area expects 15 to 20 priority days per season.