New club inundated with members

Tracy Harris has founded 30s & 40s Social Club, which will begin meeting from next month.
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A new social group for Mid Cantabrians aged 30 to 49 has been inundated with new members.

Ashburton woman Tracy Harris last week founded 30s & 40s Social Club, which will begin meeting from next month.

The personal development coach said she decided to establish the club after realising there were few organisations available for people in their 30s and 40s.

‘‘There are lots of groups for younger ages, such as Young Farmers and Young Professionals.

‘‘And the 50 plus group tends to have more focused hobbies and disposable income,’’ Tracy said.

‘‘Society expects that when we are 30 to 40, we are at home with our partner and/or raising kids. That isn’t true for everybody.’’

She had come up with the idea and received positive feedback while talking to fellow Mid Cantabrians. Then last week she established a Facebook page, called 30s & 40s Social Ashburton, which had more than 100 people join in the first 48 hours. By Monday this number had increased to more than 130 members.

‘‘It just goes to show I’m not the only person who thinks this way,’’ she said.

Members included singles and couples with and without children, and people from all walks of life.

She hoped even more people would join by the time the group had its first meeting next month. This would be at Noble 600 bar and restaurant in Ashburton.

‘‘It doesn’t matter what you do, or who you are, as long as you are within that age bracket.’’

The group will meet on the first Friday of every month.

In addition, it is already planning a Halloween party at the Devon Tavern’s Feeney’s bar, and a bus trip to Christchurch for Christmas.

aNew group 30s & 40s Social will have its first get together 5.15pm, September 1, at Noble


  • For more information contact Tracy Harris, at [email protected] or through the group’s Facebook page 30s & 40s Social Ashburton.