Plan to tackle weedy roundabout

UNSIGHTLY: The Moore St/Chalmers Avenue roundabout will be planted with flowers and lawn in three to four months' time.
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Weeds have been flourishing at an Ashburton intersection.

The Moore St/Chalmers Ave roundabout will be planted out with flowers in three to four months’ time.

The roundabout formerly had large boulders and plants. These were removed following complaints from motorists about visibility issues.

Ashburton District Council group manager infrastructure and open spaces Neil McCann said good sunlight and rain events over summer had supported growth of the weeds.

The roundabout was to be sprayed last week, and there would be more spraying undertaken to ensure control of ‘‘the more resilient weeds’’.

‘‘The plan is to plant the roundabout similar to the town’s other roundabouts in three to four months’ time.’’

The Chalmers Ave/Walnut St roundabout.

Three to four months allowed time to schedule installation of the roundabout’s irrigation system.

‘‘And to plant out during autumn, which is a more reliable season for growing and bedding in new plants.’’

There are two other roundabouts on main roads in the town – Walnut Ave/ Chalmers Ave, and Walnut Ave/ Oak Grove. They feature a centre garden of flowers, surrounded by lawn.