‘Wish me luck’ – Radio host to share $50m Lotto prize if he wins

Luke Howden's Wednesday night ticket attracted about 450 wishes of good luck on Facebook. Photo Hokonui Breakfast with Luke Howden.
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Lotto hopefuls for tomorrow’s $50 million jackpot will once again get the chance to share in an Ashburton radio host’s ticket.

Hokonui breakfast DJ Luke Howden posted a photo of an eight-row Lotto Powerball ticket about three hours prior to Wednesday night’s $43 million draw.

‘‘So I reckon $43m is way too much for one person. Why not share it? Wish our ticket luck below and if it comes in tonight, we’ll split the winnings,’’ he said on the Hokonui Breakfast with Luke Howden Facebook page.

Luke Howden. Photo Hokonui Breakfast with Luke Howden.

He got about 450 comments wishing him luck. The ticket did not win, but if it had of been the sole first division $43m prize winner, each person would have got about $95,500.

Today Howden said he plans to do the same for tomorrow night’s $50m draw, with a longer lead-in time.

He would buy a ticket and put a post up at 5pm today, giving people more than 24 hours to wish him luck, thereby sharing in the $50m if he won it. The must-be-won televised draw is 8pm tomorrow.

‘‘The more the merrier,’’ Howden told The Ashburton Courier.

‘‘You might as well have some fun again. We all love to fantasise about what we would do, and play the game, but the reality is the chance of winning is pretty slim,’’ Howden said.

The Lotto Powerball jackpot of $50m is equal to the country’s highest ever jackpot.