Hidden messages for the future

Ashburton Intermediate School Year 8 pupils Francis Ula (left) and Poasa Leaupepe.
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Future contractors working on a building at Ashburton Intermediate School will get a colourful surprise when they remove cladding off walls.

Pupils have decorated the dwangs of two walls in the new science and visual arts building under construction at the school.

Hundereds of dwangs, also known as nogs, have been decorated by pupils with colourful designs, flags of the world, the children’s names and a few messages for the future.

School deputy principal Matt Jones said is was almost like a time capsule.

‘‘Whenever it gets removed it will be some kind of record of the people who were here when the building was built,’’ he said.

Construction company Hawkins, who are building the block, came up with the idea.

Site manager Richard McDougall said they had a pile of dwangs, so it was a good opportunity to give them to the school to allow everyone to take part.

‘‘With all the kids involved they all have a part in this building, they all have a connection with the building now,’’ he said.

This was the first time Hawkins have done something like this on a job, but Richard said they often find time capsules.

‘‘A lot of time capsules go into buildings, I’ve pulled buildings down in the past and you find old newspapers and people have written their names inside walls,’’ Richard said.