A McFormal dining experience

Tinwald Scouts gather for a McFormal dining experience at McDonald's Ashburton.
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Tinwald Scouts had a McFormal dining experience last week as part of their end of year celebrations.

The group, which included 10 scouts and 10 adults, sat down to dine in style at McDonald’s Ashburton fast food restaurant.

Scout leader Daniel Tew said the dining experience held in the private room at the front of the restaurant had many layers to it.

The scouts had to wear McFormal dress attire for the occasion, which was out of their comfort zone, and then they had to use proper table etiquette to eat something usually consumed hand-tomouth.

There was also table conversation, with each table set for four people.

The tables were set with tablecloths, floral displays, candles and drinking flutes – the scouts just had to bring their own plates and cutlery.

Scouts made their own menu choices which were then eaten on plates, using only knives, forks or spoons.

Beverages were drunk via the supplied flutes laid on the dressed tables.

The idea for the experience had been the idea of scout Zoe Bland, and it was the first time in Mr Tew’s 15 years as a scout leader they had done such an experience and it seemed to be well received.