Christmas meaning in performance

Parishioners from Hakatere Presbyterian Parish during the nativity play for school pupils.
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Hundreds of junior pupils from Hampstead, Netherby and Tinwald schools were treated to a Christmas play last week from parishioners of the Hakatere Presbyterian Parish.

They were held in three sessions with each of the schools.

The parishioners interactive nativity plan explained the meaning of Christmas for the kids and the reason there are often gatherings with food, decorations and gifts … it’s the birthday party of Jesus.

Through narration, music and song the 30 minute play told of the travels of Mary and Joseph, their troubles finding accommodation and then the birth of baby Jesus.

It told of the arrival of three Kings – with their gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh – who followed a guiding star to the stable where Jesus was born, and of an angel who appeared to nearby shepherds and told them of the birth of Jesus Christ.

‘‘God gave the first Christmas ever to the whole world when Jesus was born. We hope you have a great party to remember Jesus’ birthday,’’ the narrators said.

The children also reciprocated singing their own festive songs for parishioners and took home with them some bible society information as well as a specially-made star biscuit and candy cane treat.