Hard work secret to longevity

SPECIAL: Agnes Lister turned 105 on Sunday.
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‘‘Whatever for?’’ asked Agnes Lister when she was told by staff at Ashburton’s Radius Millstream they were setting up balloons for her birthday.

She knew it was her birthday, but could not see what all the fuss was about.

‘‘Because you are turning 105!’’ was the response. ‘‘It’s very special.’’

Agnes did not seem to think so. She reached the milestone on Sunday, enjoying afternoon tea with fellow residents and her family.

‘‘I don’t feel any different from the other days,’’ she said.

Her secret to a long life was ‘‘just work hard’’.

This was something she had done from a young age as she grew up on a farm, and then married a farmer.

Among her tasks all those years ago had been milking cows by hand.

Agnes loves a cup of tea, and a Milo, but has never drunk alcohol.

‘‘I tried it, but I didn’t like it,’’ she said.

She remains as active as possible to this day, getting involved in activities at the rest-home ranging from watching visiting entertainers to regularly playing housie.

Agnes and her late husband George had three boys, and have many descendants including great great grandchildren.

She is the oldest resident at Radius Millstream.