Outdoor adventure trip

Twelve of the Mid Canterbury contingent departing Ashburton looking forward to experiencing a trip of a lifetime at the Berwick personal development experience, near Mosgiel.
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Twelve Mid Cantabrians from a range of professions are experiencing an eight day trip of a lifetime taking part in the Berwick personal development experience.

They included a baker, a hairdresser, a powder coater, a mechanic, and office staff who departed from Ashburton last week supported by Ashburton Lions Club, Rakaia Lions, Pakeke Lions, County Lions, and one from Ashburton District Council.

Ashburton Lions Berwick convener Sue Letham experienced the trip firsthand when she was aged 53 and farming at Mitcham. She said it was an uplifting experience.

‘‘It was the best thing I have ever done in my life as far as pushing me mentally, physically, emotionally everything.’’

It was the trip of a lifetime with adventures including abseiling, tramping, water activities and camping.

She was still in contact with some of her course peers some years later.

‘‘The Ashburton Lions sponsored me all those years ago and then I actually ended up joining the Ashburton Lions when I moved to town.’’

Lion Chrissie Milne said Berwick, near Mosgiel, offered the outdoor confidence course for people aged 18 to 60+ years of age, taking part in a range of adventure and motivation events.

The group were there for eight days and experiencing a range of adventures, including camping out at night in some below zero temperatures.

Each of the participants had applied to take part, been interviewed and selected to go.

‘‘It’s really lovely they are being supported by their bosses, and in a lot of cases the bosses have paid for their wages while they are away.

‘‘Lions pay for them to go to the course.’’

‘‘It’s personal development really and learning to work as a team, learning to build confidence in yourself, all those qualities that people need to advance themselves.’’

Berwick has been in operation for 30 years, with Mid Canterbury Lions clubs sending participants for most of those years.

‘‘It’s wonderful and they come back to us and tell us about what they have achieved. We have a lot of them that it’s just life changing for them.’’

Anyone interested for next year could let a Lion member know now if they may be interested, but it’s always advertised calling for nominations, Chrissie said