Societies to contest rose shield

Pauline O’Leary is ready for the rose show.
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The South Island Rose Ranfurly show is back in town after being cancelled last year for covid related reasons.

South Canterbury Rose Society committee member Pauline O’Leary said the various rose societies from around the South Island enter the competition.

She said this season the roses were going really well in the garden during spring and early summer but recent heat and dry conditions have made it very hard.

‘‘They are not as good, but no doubt people will have nice roses to show,’’ she said.

Pauline said the societies each pool their roses for the competition ‘‘then we pick out what we think are the best.’’

A judge from the North Island will judge the event and the society with the most points wins the coveted Ranfurly Rose Shield.

Pauline’s love of roses started when she was in her 40’s after her kids had left home.

‘‘It sort of started me getting interested in them, I started in the North Island, then we came to the South Island in the year 2000 and bought a lifestyle block, so I had a lot of roses there.’’

Pauline and her husband have since moved into a smaller property and she now has around 40 roses. ‘‘But that’s all right, I’m ready for that because it takes a lot of time and effort.’’ She said the show is a fun get together for rose aficionados. ‘‘On the Friday night we get together, then in the morning people are there bright and early to do our roses.’’ She said there are different classes in the competition. ‘‘There is decorative which is just in the bud, an exhibition where it is three quarters open, it’s got a nice centre and then fully open.’’

They also have special themed competition for each show, this year it is roses and a mirror, where a mirror needs to be incorporated into a rose display.

‘‘Although it’s not a huge show its got some interest for the public, and we will be selling roses from South Pacific Roses,’’ Pauline said.

The show is at the Ashburton Event Centre on March 4 and 5 and will be open to the public 12.30pm to 5pm Saturday and 10.30am to 1pm Sunday. Gold coin admission.