Store in safe hands

New Staveley Store owner Deborah Gilkison.
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Regulars of the Staveley Store can rest easy, the store has started a new chapter with owner Deborah Gilkison taking over from Kate and David Acland who bought the store in 2015.

Deborah, who lives in Mayfield, also owns Panthers Rock Pub, which might seem a lot to take on but Deborah said it will work well.

‘‘They do complement each other because they are not open the same time.’’

Deborah started at the cafe last Monday and said it had been busy, ‘‘because of the school holidays and the ice rink and Sharplin Falls.’’

She said the Aclands, who still own the building, have done a great job. ‘‘Everyone loves the Staveley Store, It’s just making sure we keep that going.’’

Deborah said she would like to add a bit of her own style to the cafe.

‘‘I have a few ideas with the food, we’ll be looking at some new menu items and see how that goes, I guess just getting creative and seeing what works and what doesn’t.’’

She will continue to have original local art work for sale on the walls, with an Ashburton artist exhibiting soon.

Deborah said people should visit the store for its quirky vibe, good giftware, home made food and the best coffee.

‘‘There are so many activities here now with the ice skating and Sharplin Falls track.’’

The cafe is licenced and sells beer and wine with a nice outdoor courtyard area that gets the afternoon sun and a stunning view of Mt Somers.

Deborah said seven staff came with the cafe. ‘‘They are all awesome, it’s a great community out here.’’