Thank you haircuts for district’s firies

GIVING BACK: Hairdresser Jamie Ross (left) held a day of free haircuts for firefighters.
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Hairdresser Jamie Ross of Chertsey recently held a day of free haircuts for firefighters.

There was a special reason for the day, to show her appreciation to the service which responded to a devastating house fire at her and her family’s home five years ago.

She said having set up her own hairdressing salon at her home had given her the opportunity to hold the day.

‘‘I had always wanted to give back in some way, but had never really found something that aligned with me. And now having the salon, I thought it was a perfect way to say thank you,’’ Ross said.

Ross lives at the home with husband Michael and their sons Dustin, 6, and Alfie-Jay, 4. The family rebuilt at the site after the blaze destroyed the home and 90 per cent of their belongings.

‘‘It was quite a dramatic life experience, every year on that date it brings up emotions.’’

Enjoying a relaxing day at the event are (from left) Andrew Harcourt, Michael Ross and Paul Stewart of the Pendarves brigade, and Fred Clarkson of the Rakaia brigade.

But it had been a good experience to see the smiles of the about 10 firefighters who stopped by, not only for a free haircut, but also food and coffee provided on the day.

‘‘It was a nice way to change the narrative of the feelings around it and do something positive.’’

She was helped by a hairdresser family friend Taryn. Michael was just as appreciative of the hard work of firefighters on the night of the fire. Today he is a firefighter himself, having joined the Pendarves brigade about two years ago.