Walking festival events for all

Festival organising committee members Liz McMillian, left, and Karen Blacklow.
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There is no excuse not to get off the couch and explore Methven and surrounds in April with the return of the Methven & Foothills Walking Festival.

Festival organising committee members Liz McMillian and Karen Blacklow said there will be something for everyone with 15 walks on offer.

Liz said the walks vary, ‘‘some of them are strolls around town, like the railway and historical houses tours, then we’ve got the Scotts Saddle and Woolshed Creek walks.’’

There are also events for the whole family like an easter egg hunt, dog walk, enchanted forest walk and the Methven Scarecrow Trail.

And for the more grown up there is a wine and food tour where participants will visit four well-known restaurants and sample food and wine.

Some events have a cost or ask for a donation while others are free to take part in.

Karen said all funds raised go to the individual organiser.

The walking festival was a regular event back in the early 2000s and is how the scarecrow trail started, this is the first time in over 20 years the festival has happened. Liz said they have rejigged it ‘‘We looked at some of the old walks that used to happened 20 years ago and reinstated them.

‘‘We’re lucky we got some funding form the regional events fund and Methven Community Board.’’ Karen said they also have some great local business sponsors, ‘‘so they will sponsor a walk.’’

Liz said with Methven becoming an year round destination, there’s more people heading into the Foothills. ‘‘Last year we noticed how many people were walking through the enchanted forest doing the Methven walkway.

It’s another way to get people to the area, and to stay a bit longer.’’ The Methven & Foothills Walking Festival runs from April 8 to 16. Check out events at www.methvenwalkingfestival.nz