Food delivery app rolling out

Delivereasy chief operations officer Quinn Davis (left) with Formosa Modern Asian Cuisine owner Don Chen.
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Delivereasy, the platform-to-consumer service built by Kiwi entrepreneurs in 2016 is growing fast, with Ashburton the latest location to enjoy the convenience of on-demand delivery.

Speaking of the arrival in Ashburton, chief operations officer Quinn Davis said “Ashburton has waited patiently for a delivery service. We’re thrilled to be here to help people solve not only the problem of what’s for dinner, but also who’s picking it up,’’ he said.

‘‘There are some fantastic stores in Ashburton and we’re excited to give these retailers the means to deliver even more convenience to their customers.”

The Ashburton service, available by downloading the app or going online, has a growing list of companies signed up including Formosa, Tinwald Takeaway, Indian Minar, The Fine Lion, Krug Thep Thai, Somerset Grocer, Koji as well as Burger King, McDonalds and Subway.

What started out as an idea between friends has now grown into a nationwide success in a highly competitive market but Delivereasy’s fully NZ-owned and operated service model means localised on-the-ground teams provide the full customer service.

Since its launch in 2016, almost 400,000 Kiwis have used the Delivereasy app to order more than 4.2 million meals nationwide, Expanding its focus to include regional coverage meant Delivereasy could provide accessible food delivery service for parts of the country left untapped or rejected by global operators with rigid terms of trade.

The foundation of the business has been built on understanding the needs of small business owners; building key relationships with local restaurants and being part of the communities that restaurants and drivers call home. Cofounder Nick Foster said ‘‘from the outset, our hospitality partners could see the huge potential for on-demand delivery and were keen to get involved with a partner that made it logistically and financially feasible and fair. Our personal approach to making it work for every restaurant is really what makes us different for both restaurants and customers.”

There is significant potential for continuing this rapid growth. Delivereasy’s offering has expanded to include alcoholic beverages and convenience and the company continues to expand in both regions and categories.