Housing demand challenges

Hampstead resident George Whyte is not happy with communication from Kainga Ora
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Contractors were busy felling trees and clearing space last week at the back of Kainga Ora (formerly Housing New Zealand) properties on Adams Street.

The space is being cleared to build new homes for Kainga Ora customers.

However not all residents are happy.

George Whyte wasn’t pleased with the amount of notice receivedabout the work, which will take away 40 percent of his backyard – space he needs for his Bantam chickens.

He has also requested the boundary is altered so there is more room for his chooks.

Kainga Ora regional director Canterbury Liz Krause said Kainga Ora recognises there is a high demand for housing in Ashburton.

‘‘One of the ways we are increasing the number of homes available for people in need in Ashburton is by building additional homes on sites where there are existing homes. We are also removing homes that are at the end of their life, and replacing them with more modern, good quality homes on the same sites.’’

Kainga Ora are building, or are planning to build, 12 new homes across a number of sites in Ashburton. This includes eight one-bedroom homes and four two-bedroom homes, with two two-bedroom homes in Adams Street expected to be completed in mid-2023.

‘‘We are mindful of the impact this work may have on our customers and neighbours. Where a property is earmarked for redevelopment, we work closely with customers and neighbours, including several face-to-face visits with our customers, over a number of months as our plans progress. This is the process we have followed with affected customers in Adams Street.’’ she said.