Methven’s parking woes

Parking in Methven Mall has become a hotly contested debate.
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The Ashburton District Council have received a request from one of the businesses in the Methven Mall, for a time limit to be applied to some of the parking bays.

The matter was also discussed by the Methven Community Board earlier this month.

There are around 10 businesses trading out of the mall and with limited parking available, often people will have to park their vehicles outside a premises, which they are not necessarily intending to visit.

This may sometimes frustrate the business owners and, for the likes of those with walking difficulties, they mayhave an added extra walk to reach their destination, after parking in an available bay which maynot be directly outside.

The community board accepted a staff recommendation to consult property owners and businesses located in the mall on the proposed introduction of a one hour parking restriction for 10 angled bays.

This would leave a further 26 spaces in the mall with no time limit imposed.

Subsequently, the property owners and businesses in the mall have each received a letter from the council, regarding the proposal, together with a questionnaire asking if they are for, or against the proposal, or if they can suggest an alternative option. Response times closed this week.

The town has seen an influx in its population, with more houses being built. This added with the ski season fast approaching, a possible time restriction on some bays, may help to alleviate congestion in the mall.

The council will now take advice and opinions from all involved and make the decision, with the best interests of the town in mind.