Ski field action hits the small screen

James McKenzie, fourth from the right, looking dapper on the red carpet at Mt Hutt Memorial Hall, for the Mt Hutt Rescue television premiere.
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If you tuned in to TVNZ 1 on Tuesday night at 8.30pm, you would have witnessed the launch of ‘Mt Hutt Rescue’, an insight into the dangers of life on top of the mountain.

The series will consist of eight episodes, once a week.

Not only will the programme indulge viewers in footage of when things go wrong and accidents that occur, but will strikea balance with plenty of footage of the other side to the mountain, with people enjoying their day out.

Mt Hutt ski area manager James McKenzie said he was delighted the mountain were approached for such a production and has high expectations the public will enjoy all the insights into the behind the scenes stuff, that otherwise might go unnoticed. Providing the mountain with an alternative exposure, like never seen before.

“The programme will showcase the talents of the Mt Hutt staff and highlight the fantastic job they do, day in day out.

“Of course, the underlining message is safety, not just knowing your surroundings but going down to the fundamentals such as properly using equipment like helmets and boots, ensuring the basics are in check before venturing out.

“It’s also a chance to show case the wonderful recreational facilities Mt Hutt have to offer and to of course get the brand out there.”

The main focus will be the drama of accidents, as that will make for great television.

It will also allow viewers to see the in-depth activities of the response team and how quickly they can get to the incidents, ensuring people get the correct treatment in a fast and effective manner.

But expect to see plenty of shots from the fun side of the mountain, from ski lessons, right up to beautiful images of the converted moon ski.

Mt Hutt have had their own film crew in place for many years, recording footage internally for the use of training and other show case material such as Ski Flicks.

So, when Mt Hutt was approached back in 2022 by Australian film company, Fredbird, they became very excited by the possibilities of expanding their horizon to national television.

As apposed to Ambulance and hospital programmes where the drama isfocused primarily to a day in the life of a staff member, Mt Hutt rescue will have more of a ‘Bondi Beach’ vibe, with the action broader across the mountain, in and among the hustle and bustle of skiers going about their business.

Although Fredbird’s film crew were given an all access pass, their edits were reviewed by Mt Hutt hierarchy to ensure the footage was in keepingwith the realness of life up the mountain.

In conjunction with the release of ‘Mt Hutt Rescue’ there was a special evening put on at the Mt Hutt Memorial Hall to premiere the first episode of the series.

The black tie event was an invite only affair, offered to local businesses, other friends and workers connected to Mt Hutt.